White Fillings

Before tooth-colored composite fillings became popular in dentistry, metal fillings were the only option. If you needed a cavity filling, you couldn’t hide it. Everyone would notice that glaring metal filling any time you opened your mouth!

Some metal fillings may also be dangerous to your health. If you need a cavity filling or would like to replace old metal fillings with white fillings, contact Gastonia Dental Group today.

Problems with Metal Fillings

Metal fillings can be:

  • Obvious: Metal fillings stand out from the rest of your smile. Many patients feel self-conscious about having metal teeth. We can address this issue and unify your smile with composite fillings.
  • Unsafe: Some metal fillings are made with mercury, which is toxic to the body in large amounts. We use white fillings that are completely mercury-free.
  • Less Effective: Metal fillings expand and contract with temperature changes in your mouth. That means your metal cavity filling may end up cracking and damaging the tooth. Metal fillings do not usually last as long as composite fillings.

Benefits of White Fillings

At Gastonia Dental Group, we use composite fillings for a variety of reasons. White fillings are made of a blend of composite materials that are matched to your white enamel. White fillings are:

  • Realistic: Your composite fillings are color-matched to your unique smile. Your cavity filling is customized to your exact specifications to give you a flawless look.
  • Strong: The bonding process for white fillings ensures a secure fit. White fillings are more durable than traditional fillings.
  • Non-damaging: White fillings do not expand or contract with temperature changes, so there is no danger of tooth fracture.
  • Conservative: White fillings require less destruction of the natural enamel than metal fillings.

The sooner you treat tooth decay, the more conservative treatment will be. Contact Gastonia Dental Group today to learn more about composite fillings and our other restorative techniques.

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