Children’s Dentistry

We are proud to be a one-stop shop for both you and your little ones. The Gastonia Dental Group provides comprehensive dentistry for children to protect those beautiful small smiles! With regular appointments, we can identify and treat problems early. We can keep your child from experiencing discomfort or low self-esteem in the future.

Dentistry for Kids

Our children’s dentist knows how to establish trust. We design our children’s dentistry visits to help your child become comfortable with dentistry. We want to make sure your child has enjoyable initial experiences with dentistry for kids.

We can help your children stay in excellent oral health. We treat infections early and watch out for those baby teeth as they pave the way for stunning adult smiles.

Why Visit a Children’s Dentist?

Our children’s dentist has an understanding and experience with young patients that other dentists do not. We understand that the way we do kid’s dentistry is just as important as getting kid’s dentistry done in the first place.  We know that the way your child feels about those first experiences with dentistry for kids will follow them throughout their lives.

We take active steps to ensure your child’s emotional and physical comfort when they come in for dentistry for children. We provide:

  • Entertainment options
  • A fun child-friendly atmosphere
  • Caring dental experts
  • A gentle and conservative approach

What does Dentistry for Kids Involve?

What treatments are involved with dentistry for children? Some of the dentistry services for children we use often include:

  • Fluoride treatments
  • Sealants to protect teeth
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Gentle cleanings
  • Exams

Early detection and treatment are the keys to keeping your child comfortable. With kid’s dentistry, we are setting the foundation for your child’s best future smile.

Feel the Difference at Gastonia Dental Group

We hope you can instantly feel and see the difference at Gastonia Dental Group. You will find age-appropriate patient comforts that will help your child feel at ease, and you will feel welcomed by our children’s dentist and his team.

Stop by and say hello to our excellent team for dentistry for children. We look forward to giving your little ones their healthiest smiles!