Questions To Ask Your Dentist

Questions To Ask Your Gastonia Dentist Sometimes people research mechanics and hairdressers more thoroughly than their dental professional. Isn’t your dental health more important than your car or hairstyle? At Gastonia Dental Group, we think it is. We love to answer questions about dentistry.

One of the thinks we’re asked about the most is whether it’s really necessary to have a cleaning and checkup every six months. The answer is, yes! Prevention is the best medicine.

Every appointment includes a thorough cleaning by a hygienist. Then we examine your teeth and gums, looking for any new cavities and signs of gum disease. Every checkup also includes a screening for oral cancer.

Patients often wonder how long a filling will last. Some people think they’ll last a lifetime, but unfortunately that is not usually the case. Fillings can break down or become loose over time. If that happens, decay can get into the area around it and cause problmes. You can extend the life of any restoration with good oral hygiene at home. If you have any questions about what that means, don’t hesitate to ask.

These are just a few of the questions we get from our patients at Gastonia Dental Group. What questions to you have? Never hesitate to bring your questions to your checkup. We offer general and cosmetic dentistry. Schedule your next appointment today!

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