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At Gastonia Dental Group, our dentists are passionate about the prevention of cavities, which is the foundation for a healthy and beautiful smile. We encourage our young patients to develop good brushing and flossing skills, to put them on the road to a lifetime of good dental health.

There are some places, however, where a toothbrush and even floss can miss. Enamel degeneration can occur even with dedicated oral hygiene.

The very back of the mouth, where the premolars and molars are, is the most difficult area to brush and floss. Deep pits in molars and spaces between teeth are the perfect environment for cavities to flourish. Food and bacteria that is lodged in pits of molars and spaces between teeth create acid that has direct contact with tooth enamel and immediately goes to work.

While brushing frequently is essential, an additional safeguard against cavities is the application of dental sealants. Sealants protect the teeth and prevent cavities by filling in the crevasses where food particles can get caught and breed harmful bacteria They are especially effective in the back teeth, where most cavities occur.

The application process takes only one short visit. The teeth are cleaned, dried, and then liquid sealant is applied to teeth and hardened: it’s quick and painless. Your child will be able to eat right after the appointment. We usually recommend having sealants applied as early as possible.

If properly cared for, sealants can last for many years, protecting your child during the most cavity-prone ages.

Sealants, brushing and flossing, a balanced diet, and twice-yearly cleanings and checkups at Gastonia Dental Group are essential for good dental health. Our services include pediatric dentistry. Schedule a cleaning and checkup with us today.

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